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We sometimes meet with Artem together with Vika in the same format – “Girlfriends” and sometimes Artyom meets one of us individually – when someone is away.

I reappeared in the doorway of the barbershop Alena. Come in, sit down – busily said Alain, if he sees me for the first time. I paused and slowly replied indifferently - Shear me please bare.

The other will be a box of 'Dares' which are some funny tasks or things, that are suggested to be done. Run around wearing socks on your hands, pants for a shirt, and a shirt for pants, for 3 minutes.

The 'Dares' should be funny as a rule and most importantly, the person pulling them off should enjoy them too. If Aladdin's genie were to visit you, what would be your three wishes? Say the pledge of allegiance in your most hated teacher's voice.

When asked if his position on homosexuality has “evolved,” Jakes agreed that it has. “I think that where I am is to better understand we, the church, bought into the myth that this is a Christian nation.” Earlier this year, the U. Supreme Court ruled that states must legalize same-sex “marriage,” igniting a battle between the Church and State over the issue.

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