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One Facebook friend of mine decided to use the occasion to come out as a rapist, creating a public post (which means everyone could see the post, even if he or she wasn’t Facebook friends with him) where he outlined the offense in explicit detail (he had raped two women decades ago), attempting to seek public forgiveness and claiming he wanted to call attention to “rape culture.” I’m a male survivor of rape myself and was assaulted two times in the past couple years.I didn’t feel comfortable having a known rapist on my friends list, so I unfriended and blocked him when he began making uncomfortable comments about wanting to get close to sexual assault survivors, but not before taking screen shots of his post. I sent the screen shots of his post to his workplace.Reporting an image or video If you’re under 18 and an indecent or nude pic of you is posted online, that's illegal. You can contact the website directly yourself or make a report about what’s happened to the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF), who will speak to the website to try and remove it. Making a report can be scary, but our counsellors are here to support you.They can talk about what might happen and talking to them is confidential.

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