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This is just the latest incident for the Canadian singer, who recently apologized for his behavior after he was caught storming off stage because fans would not stop screaming during his concert.

Phase cut dimming – Nano Liner Allegro AC XB’s three white product versions offer 5% - 100% dimming resolution without flickering.Flexible aiming – The product is equipped with a 180° rotation axis for flexible beam aiming.Two beam options – 40° and 50° x 10° spreads offer gentle illumination or more focused grazing.“Does the couple that prays together stay together?If Kourtney Kardashian has her way, the answer will be yes,” writes the magazine., and showed off her baby bump at 31 weeks pregnant. Wearing a olive sports bra and oversized sweatpants, the British beauty cradles her growing belly in the mirror selfie on Instagram.


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