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These heavenly bodies are what makes the UFC events go round.From standing in the background during the weigh-ins to parading the round number during actual fights, these gorgeous babes are a fixture in any UFC event. Real public catfights caught by surveillance cams and amateur video photographers. Real public catfights caught by surveillance cams and amateur video photographers. Check it out: A pure fist fight, party goers fight in the middle of the street, 2 on 1 fight, 2 round girl fight outside a church, brawl on a bus, a road rage catfight, chick fights in an alley, on the beach, in an outdoor party, grown ladies fight in a bank, a fistfight from the streets of Brazil, 2 Asians go at it tooth and nail and many more. You'll enjoy a girlfight on Bourbon St., Mexican girls fight in a living room, 2 German women fight in the street, a husband tries to separate his wife fighting his mistress and can't do it, a catfight in schoolgirl uniforms, a catfight at an auto repair shop, a white/black fistfight, a series of lingerie football girl fights, drunken girls fight after clubbing, a fight at a bus stop, a wild fistfight in evening gowns, a female riot in the street, yowza! Many folks requested long catfights so here they are! a brunette, a female fight on a front porch, a catfight at a political demonstration, a fight in the middle of the street, several catfights in parking lots and many more. Enjoy 36 100% genuine, catfights caught on amateur video. Everyone will find something to love on this video. Let us count the ways: You have catfights from France, Russia, Mexico, Spain, The Netherlands, Canada and many more. Catfights on the spur of the moment are the most exciting. On tap: A catfight over a parking spot, a chick fight outside Staples Center, a brawl in a NYC subway station, superstore employees fight in the lunch room, clothes torn off, Scottish girls catfight, a nice catfight in super short-shorts, a catfight on a train platform, college females go at it,, catfights from Israel, Middle East, Vietnam, Turkey, a road rage catfight gets topless, dresses ride up during a fight, catfight over a guy, and on and on. The fighting seems more wild and emotional and intense. The intensity is jaw dropping in many of these fights.You'll see female brawls in parks, bars, parking lots, front lawns, alleyways and other public places where the females are fighting and the video cams happen to be rolling. You'll see female brawls in parks, bars, parking lots, front lawns, alleyways and other public places where the females are fighting and the video cams happen to be rolling. If you like spontaneous catfights in public this is the place to be. Check this out: A girl riot from Cambodia, a girlfight in the pouring rain, party girls fight on a sidewalk, a wife her husband with his girlfriend and gets into a fight with her, a catfight where shear dresses ride up in a fight showing no underwear, an a airline counter woman gets attacked by a passenger, a brutal street fight where the cop just watches, a catfight in the mud, a girlfight with 2 rounds, a fistfight in a restroom, 2 Asians go at it, a fistfight in short-shorts, a chick fight on a football field with a large crowd watching, a hot blonde goes after a hot brunette and so many more. This one is the real deal: Foreign catfights, long fights, sexy females fighting... Let's see what we have here: Drunk, pretty girls from Poland fighting in the street, girls fighting after dancing in a club, 2 moms fight, 2 female cops fight in the middle of the street, a brawl outside of a courthouse, a road rage catfight, Pretty women in dresses fight over a man, a catfight at a bus station, a fight at a taco stand, neighbors fight, a 6 minute long fight, a 9 minute long fight, roommates fight, catfighting in party dresses, a girlfight outside a nightclub, a fight on the highway, a chick fight turns bottomless, a catfight in the snow and lots more. Enjoy 35 100% genuine, catfights caught on video When you see pretty, hot girls from Vietnam going at it you are seeing pent up fury released. It's great to see foreign women fighting so here it is. ) we feature 1/2 dozen catfights from China like fighting on a bus, on a metro train, on a trolley, on a train platform, on the street, in an outdoor Chinese mall and that's just the start. You'll see a multi-girl riot on the beach in bikinis, hot chicks going at in on a Polish street, topless catfight in a waffle house, a crazy fistfight in a nail salon, a topless catfight at a rock fest, girls go at it after clubbing, drunk women fight in a Texas street, a girl is shorts fights a girl in a super mini-skirt, a chick fight on a snowy street, a big girl vs. Of course, there are also brawls from the good old USA. So we decided to assemble a bunch of them right here. This 7th edition is all new, never before seen and is a great catfight video.Fans often like to speculate as to whether any of the fighters on the UFC roster have managed to successfully woo the Octagon girls, and all kinds of rumors have been spread over the years as to who may or may not have been dating.

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If you believe I’m making up this story, Listen to this; She has a friend her in Vegas that had to often pick her up after a night out with the fighters.

But after Dana White and company opened up UFC's first ever women’s division, fans around the world flocked to their dynamic roster of female stars.

Fighters like Ronda Rousey, Holly Holm, and Miesha Tate have shown that they can go round-for-round with all the ferocity—and maybe even more star power—of their male counterparts, leading to some of the most dynamic, exciting fights in the sport's history.“Evil” Eye is as tough as they come for female fighters in the UFC—she uses a range of boxing attacks, defensive jab moves, and agile strikes to take down opponents.

One thin most people don’t realize in the beginning, she had to sleep around with the fighter to be requested to stay and was the 10,000 price per night of the president of the UFC.

She no way humble and totally arrogant about her position in the UFC.


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