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She is an advocate for transgender rights and has a reality show on E!

Network based on her life, "Brave New Girls." Balian Buschbaum is a former German Olympic pole vaulter who was born female, as Yvonne Buschbaum.

A former sailor in the US Navy stabbed a woman 119 times when she revealed she was transgender after they had sex, a court heard.

Dwanya Hickerson, 21, "lost it" after learning Dee Whigham, 25, had been born a man.

This article addresses the history of transgender people in the United States from prior to western contact until the present.

Transgender people have been present in the land now known as the United States at least since the early 1600s.

Ines Rau is a 25 year-old transgender model who was born in Paris and is of French-North African decent.

The hospital nurse picked him up at the gates of Keesler Air Force Base, where he was training to be a weather forecaster, and drove them to her hotel, the court heard.On April 3rd, following the spread […] The National Council to Combat Discrimination and for the Promotion of the Rights of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transvestite and Transgender (CNCD / LGBT), which is linked to the Human Rights Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic, published on March 12, 2015 in “Diário Oficial da União” a resolution that guarantees transgender students the right […] Five men dragged a transgender woman from her mother’s home Dec 27th and recorded themselves beating her.The cowardly attack which occurred in the town of Wanderlândia, Tocantins, Brazil over an alleged theft of a cell phone wasn’t reported to police until the 29th.Transsexuals were in America before European settlers came to the land.Native Americans refer to transsexuals as “two-spirited,” and are highly honored in several tribes.In fact, the rules for changing genders on a driver's license varies in each state.


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