Windows media center epg not updating

In our home as an example, only HD channels are listed in our guide.We have HDTVs and having to scroll through a few hundred SD channels isn't something I wanted to have to do.Users of Microsoft’s Media Center PCs report that their electronic program guides (EPGs) aren't downloading data, or are offering incorrect data, nobbling their ability to use their boxen as video recorders.In the Media Center feedback thread at users report receiving no data, data for the wrong location, images for the wrong show and many variations on those themes. In early July Microsoft announced it was moving its EPGs to “new data providers”.

Windows Media Center (WMC) is a discontinued digital video recorder and media player created by Microsoft.

For almost two weeks now, the electronic program guide has failed to update properly, and I'm hoping that somebody here can help.

The only channels that have current EPG data are the high-definition local channels: we have nothing for regular cable channels (AMC, History, etc.) or for the standard-def local channels.

Reports like this one from suggest the new supplier is an outfit called “Rovi”.

Perhaps Rovi's not quite got the knack of Windows Media Center's feed formats yet?


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