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“She was in the 901 section, and you could see her bump,” said the concertgoer.Beyoncé and Jay Z also dropped in at Swift’s 25th birthday party on Friday night. Eddie Redmayne wed his love of nearly three years, Hannah Bagshawe, in a candlelit winter wonderland-themed ceremony at private club Babbington House in Somerset.So have Julia Roberts, Joan Baez, Ciara, Heidi Klum and the entire U. The pair vamped with shirtless male dancers, slinked down the catwalk and traded verses before a giddy embrace as they jumped up and down.Swift’s adoration of her cats is made clear in one of the show’s interstitial clips, and she created the ultimate 90s moment as former "Friends" star Lisa Kudrow showed up to sing "Smelly Cat,” a silly tune made famous by her sitcom character Phoebe.“This has been so hard to keep a secret,” Swift announced as she introduced Timberlake.Taylor Swift is having quite the summer—from her breakup with Calvin Harris to the birth of Hiddleswift to Kim Kardashian’s receipts-apalooza, plus or minus a Nils Sjoberg, she’s been consistently dominating headlines.But what does it all Lainey is where many of the smart women I follow online turn for informed interpretation of the latest celebrity scandal.It was another playful nod to when Kanye West ran up on stage at the 2009 Video Music Awards during Swift's victory in the Best Female Video category.Making awkward award show history, West took the microphone from Swift and said that Beyonce should have won.

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“But when the driver went to put the window up, it pinched her finger!The guests, consciously or coincidentally, nodded to three key facets of her music: her beginnings in country with the appearance of Dixie Chicks singer and songwriter... There was swooning with John Legend and left-field collaborations with Beck and St. For her final night at Staples, Swift went closer to her heart for the show’s special guests.(Randy Lewis)Lorde, Jason Derulo, Sam Hunt, Fifth Harmony, Fetty Wap, Little Mix, Nick Jonas, Little Big Town and the Weeknd have already joined her on dates throughout the show’s run. Swift first ceded the stage to best friend Gomez, calling her a "multitalented performer who is good at pretty much everything does.” Gomez performed her steamy single “Good For You” for the first time.The guests, consciously or coincidentally, nodded to three key facets of her music: her beginnings in country with the appearance of Dixie Chicks singer and songwriter... See the most-read Entertainment stories this hour At the show’s opening Friday, Swift brought out One Republic frontman and songwriter Ryan Tedder, whom she collaborated with on her massive “1989.”Lakers star Kobe Bryant surprised her by unveiling a banner that hangs alongside a handful of Lakers championship banners to mark the milestone of achieving the most sold-out performances by a single artist (she’s got 16, an all-time record). Blige, strutted alongside comedian Chris Rock and actor Matt Le Blanc, emoted with actor-singer Uzo Aduba ("Orange Is the New Black") and dug into her country roots with Dixie Chicks singer and songwriter Natalie Maines.Taylor Swift upped the celebrity ante at her third of five sold-out shows Monday at Staples Center as part of her ”1989” tour. She pranced with Ellen De Generes and tapped into her angst with confessional singer-songwriter Alanis Morissette.What could possibly be said about Mrs West that hasn’t been said already? When Taylor Swift is involved in a gossip story, that is when I come alive. I woke up I think at 5 o’clock that day and I picked up my phone and I saw what had happened while I was sleeping.


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