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In December, the network announced that it had ordered nine episodes of the docuseries, The Cowboy Way: Alabama, which follows the adventures of three modern-day cowboys, including Robertsdale’s Cody Harris, along with fellow ranchers Bubba Thompson and Chris “Booger” Brown.“Herding cattle and breaking horses, they live by a code as important to them as it was to the cowboys who tamed the west,” according to the release, issued by the network on May 24.Do you live in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, North or South Carolina and single?A new CMT series may want to cast you for a new reality series.Are you looking for love in a very small Southern town? Type: Reality TV CMT Is Casting A Dating Show In Small Towns of the SOUTH!Casting directors for CMT are looking to cast some Small Town Southern Singles! Need people in towns of less than 5k and far outside of big cities! It’s Sex in the City, if it were a city of under 5k, meets Party Down South! – Live in a small town (less than 2k people) in the South, at least an hour from any big city? Write me today with your name, #, email, a bit about why we should come to film you, and a recent photo.I think something new and fresh will be good for me.It was a beautiful August evening for a concert overlooking the picturesque Spirit Lake.

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Among dating shows, "The Bachelor" is the big daddy of Reality TV.

A pilot episode aired on the network twice in July.

On Saturday, April 07, CMT will debut its newest reality show, "Southern Nights;" which will bring together fan-favorite cast members from the CMT original reality series, "Sweet Home Alabama." "Southern Nights" will follow returning Alabama stars Devin Grissom, Cassie Rupp, Collin Varallo, Tristan Smith and six others as they live together in a historic mansion in Savannah, GA.

“They work hard, play hard and after dark, go home to their wives, babies and those they love.

Their days may not be easy, but these friends wouldn’t have it any other way.” INSP is available nationwide to more than 83 million households via Dish Network (channel 259), Direc TV (channel 364), Verizon Fi OS (channel 286), AT&T U-verse (channel 564) and more than 2,800 cable systems.


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