Dating sober people

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked out to a drink. Maybe this would be cool if I was drinking, but I was also a raging alcoholic. When I started using dating apps in sobriety, I said that I was great at coming up with fun date ideas because I refuse to get to know someone at a bar.

I missed having alcohol as a security blanket during encounters like this—how a few drinks could dull my insecurities and make me feel like a catch.Without the buffer of booze, I was only left with my raw instincts and crystal-clear vision.By the end of the date, I picked up on our incompatibility as partners because our personalities were not cohesive. If I had been drinking, there was no way I could've picked up on the fact that sexual chemistry is all we shared.As superficial or awkward it might feel at first, these dating apps provide you a chance to meet people you wouldn’t have otherwise come across, say, at a bar.As this blog describes, Have you ever eyed someone that strikes your fancy while in line at the grocery store? The thing is, when you start dating without alcohol you realise that you’re almost While the default date might be drinks, there are actually a ton of other options to consider.Being sober and dating as a 20-something is real weird.


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