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When she tries to get some distance he responds with aggressiveness.

"Why we love it: Laurel (Spelling) just to be a psychopath who killed his ex and scams credit cards. To make it even better, the incredibly ironic twists, wonderfully dramatic music and over-the-top acting all make for an unintentionally hilarious film.

Clearly she's seen the suitcase episode of and totally sided with Ray.

That's really all the info I needed to know she's evil.

Gillian lives with her adoptive mother (Mary-Margaret Humes), who's recovering from a heart attack.

As we know from eight seasons of Gilmore Girls, Lorelai and Rory Gilmore have extremely varied taste in film and television, from watching endless reruns of The Donna Reed Show to Tears and Laughter: The Joan and Melissa Rivers Story, the Gilmore household will truly screen something for everyone.

Our titular “He” is Andy Collins (Shawn Roberts), an Internet marketing consultant in the mood for love. Just “someone to laugh with.” Eh, that's just a polite way of saying sex. We already kind of know she's not who he thinks she is from reading the plot description and also from that whole cheese-in-the-car thing, but we know it when we learn that she's sleeping with her married boss — an OBGYN, which opens up so many innuendo opportunities this movie fails miserably at taking advantage of — in exchange for a car and a promotion to business manager.

In his online profile he admits that he's just looking for what every guy wants… Gillian and Andy really hit it off on their coffee date, so much so that they immediately star together in a romantic montage set to corny music in which they feed each other raspberries, ride through the city in a rickshaw, and playfully cook dinner. Haven't you ever heard that the silly montage isn't supposed to happen until the third date?

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30, 1996Stars: Tori Spelling, Ivan Sergei, Todd Caldecott IMDb description: "Laurel has the boyfriend of her dreams, Kevin. He is totally devoted to her but the downside is that he never leaves her alone.It's a place where off-the-grid stars discreetly make ends meet, where former A-listers go to retire and D-listers dream of being discovered, and where cheesy made-for-TV originals and straight-to-DVD tales of murderous boyfriends and flocks of wild horses coexist in sweet, sweet harmony.In honor of the latest gem to grace the channel's airwaves, check out our exhaustive list of its other so-bad-they're-good classics: The 50 Most Ridiculous Lifetime Movies.As an exploration of the risks of internet dating it is a powerful statement indeed.The threats inherent in the medium are stunningly demonstrated in some detail.With less-than-flattering headlines routinely calling attention to Lindsay Lohan's every move, it's easy to forget that it was acting, not alcoholism, that initially put her on the map.


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