Nigeria dating scam moore

How would this child receive credit for his education from multiple countries? So sure enough, he kept quiet for a few days to make me worry a little, then told me he had sent almost all his cash to China for this medication–which much to our relief saved all of the fictional birds! He at first claimed there were no banks (Lagos is a huge city–the commercial/industrial hub of Nigeria EVEN my bank has a branch there! Even his credit card was no good…he had it canceled because of illegal activity (probably his). Then he said “he was going to be too busy with lectures and meetings to keep a watch for it at the hotel and that I maybe should just send it to his driver (a man he has known only for a month? hmmmm; next for a person with an advanced education it seemed his English, spelling, writing, etc. Now we all get sloppy during instant messaging and emailing but this was worse than expected; when asked about his job specifics he was vague–the connection would be lost, he didn’t answer or his answers were kind of “off”. ) I pointed out that that couldn’t be true and then he broke down and “confessed” to me that he didn’t have any freed up cash in his London account…all of his money was in stocks and bonds! He said he didn’t have time to get a new one and besides he said “I’m in a third world country, no one takes credit cards here”. )” I argued that was unwise but then later asked for that name and address. This blog is dedicated to members not familiar or good with the Internet and new to the dating sites.Scammers are internationally linked and they are IT based.I have been looking all over the web and I am not finding anything on this.I thought maybe it was a fluke, but now a lady from one of my message groups had the same experience to a worse degree and it is time that this is brought to the forefront. On January 19th, I got an instant message from a guy that found me on Yahoo Personals. To make a long story short, he began to romance me. As you may know, everyday there are several cases of insurgent attacks and suicide bombs going on here. There are about 20 different things that raised red flags. The other HUGE tip off is his facebook name doesn't match the name on his uniform in the facebook pictures. Michigan Kalamazoo He's on a dating site called friend finder And his yahoo is [email protected] pictures he in camo and brown shirts says he's in the army I don't know if he's real but because of him asking for Money I thought maybe it was fraud.

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I told him if that was the case that I could wait the couple of months since I did not have any money at all. It was at 2 AM, and I almost got sick to my stomach when I heard his voice.

I have recently been scammed by a Nigerian man posing as a white Hispanic man. We hope this site will save someone life, money and serves as PRE-WARNING TO ALL ONLINE DATING MEMBERS before they venture into online dating in various site.

Please leave comments below, here is a photo of the man he said he was.

I only pray at this time that your address is still valid.

I want to solicit your attention to receive the two trunks on my behalf. James Morgan, an officer in the US Army, and also a West Point Graduate presently serving in the Military with the 82nd Air Borne Division Peace keeping force in Baghdad, Iraq.


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